Kafranbel Banners Sell for 425 Euros

The money raised went towards securing food needs in the region

Activists said local officials in the city Kafranbel in Idleb countryside have sold a number of their internationally famous banners, which they held up in the town’s demonstrations, securing money for food in their region.


Kafranbel is a town known particularly for the banners that are made in the town, carrying peaceful slogans calling for tolerance and national unity, usually in English.


In May 2012, about twenty banners were sold for 8,500 Euros ($11,255), or 425 Euros ($562) per banner.


The money raised was distributed in the region, with 3,000 Euros allotted to helping the Houla area, while the rest was designated to financing  Kafranbel.


The sale was carried out via one of the activists in the town who lives in Europe.


Meanwhile Kafranbel activists said they were working on organizing exhibitions for their banners. Some exhibits have already taken place in the United States, generating $15,000, which went towards the distribution of food baskets in Kafr Anbel.


The sale of the banners in Europe and America has been met with some objections by some opposition figures, including Adnan al-Arour and Haytham Manna.


But activists defended the move, saying the sale of the signs does not amount to the sale of their content.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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