Jarba Suggests Initiative to Al-Qaeda-linked Groups

Head of Kurdish Democratic Union Party says Iran agrees to transitional administration for Western Kurdistan

Head of Kurdish Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim told al-Hayat newspaper that Iranian officials agreed that the project of "transitional civil administration" adopted by West Kurdistan Council in northern Syria is "legitimate.”


Saleh pointed to an agreement with Iran to "fight our common enemy represented by extremist fighters".


“We don’t have any objection to the interests of Iran and Turkey, but we are against dividing Syria and we wanted to report our attitude to Tehran as we did in our visit to Turkey, so that these countries know our attitude directly,” Muslim said.


"We suggested the project of transitional civil administration in our region until things settle down and the Iranians told us that it is our right and it is a Syrian internal matter", Muslim said.


Meanwhile, the leader of Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party, Abdul Hamid Darwish revealed an initiative from the Syrian National Coalition, headed by Ahmad Jarba and the Kurdish party to stop the fighting between the People's Protection Units (YPG) and Islamist fighters, and guarantee that both parties retreat to their previous lines.


Translated and edited  by The Syrian Observer





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