Threats on Syria Will Increase Syria’s Determination

Assad says Syria will defend itself against any aggression

President Bashar Assad has said that threats against Syria will only bolster its determination and the will of the people, saying Syria will defend itself against any aggression.


Assad spoke on Thursday after receiving a Yemeni delegation comprising a number of political figures and parliamentary MPs.


"Syria, with its steadfast people and brave army, will continue to eliminate terrorism, exploited by Israel and western countries to serve their interests in fragmenting the region," Assad said.


The President pointed out that an awareness of the plots in the Arab arena is essential to confront the schemes targeting the region.


He said the people are what make the state and will lead Syria to victory.


Members of the delegation stressed support for Syria as a bastion of Arabism, nationalism and resistance and a model for the Arab nation as a whole.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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