4.5 Million Syrian Student Return to School

Education minister says return to school showed a determination to overcome Syria's troubles

Some 18,000 schools received more than 4.5 million students at all levels of education, from  kindergarten, primary,  secondary, vocational and teacher training institutes at the beginning of the new academic year on Sunday.


In a media statement, the Minister of Education confirmed that "the start of the school year is a winning bet for the country in spite of all it has been subjected to, from terrorism and the destruction of life and infratsructure."


"Today our children head to school with joy evident in their eyes, reaffirming that Syria is fine andable to overcome her ordeal,  proceeding with resolve," he said.


"[This] sends a message to the terrorists that the aspirations of the sons of Syria, and the love of life will be greater than their terror, and the Syrian sons are impervious to ignorance."


"Let us always sing the national anthem in our schools, with heads held high and eyes staring at the flag of the country as a symbol of pride," he said.


More than 300,000 administrative and teaching staff started their jobs a week ago in preparation to begin the academic year.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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