New Qamishli Syrian National Security Official Killed

The newly appointed official was visiting Hassakeh

On the morning of Monday, 30 September, most of the roads leading to from the city of  Hassakeh were closed for unknown reasons.


Then, at approximately 2pm a large explosion rocked the heart of the city near the building of the Arab Socialist Baath Party which is located in the west of al-Mahatta district.


Rehab News contacted people close to site who reported the assassination of the new national security officer, Abdel Salam Aljdua had been confirmed.


Aljdua was appointed just two days earlier to the city of Qamishli, and was visiting a battalion stationed in Mount Kawkab in the northeast of the city.


While returning to the party branch building, he was assassinated along with three bodyguards who were also killed by a motorcycle bomb located on the road while he was passing by.


The official was the brother of the director of the National Hospital in Hassakeh.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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