Assad stresses importance of intellectual steadfastness to face foreign schemes and changes

Pan-Arab nationalists say they support Syria against "U.S.-Zionist aggression"

President Bashar al-Assad received on Saturday the delegation of the Arab and Islamic Assembly to Support Resistance, headed by its Secretary-General Yehya Ghaddar.

The meeting dealt with the developments and events in Arab and Islamic arenas, particularly the situation in Syria.


Members of the delegation reviewed the events of the forum, which was organized by the Assembly in Beirut under the title “Supporting Syria against U.S.-Zionist aggression, Arab Reactionaries, and Terrorism.”


They stressed that Syria, through the steadfastness and awareness of its people and army, has foiled all plots and schemes aimed at targeting its pioneering role in the Resistance. They added that the time has come for all Arab and Islamic peoples to shoulder their national responsibilities to enhance Syria's steadfastness, which is achieving victories and reducing the dangers to Syria and all Arab and Islamic peoples.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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