Four Killed and Many Injured in Attacks in Damascus, Homs,

An 8-year girl was martyred while 11 other civilians were injured

Four citizens were killed and many others were injured by shells launched by terrorists on residential areas in Damascus and Homs on Saturday.


An 8-year girl was martyred while 11 other civilians were injured, including women injured by a mortar shell fired by terrorists on Saturday near Dar al-Salam School in Damascus.


A source at Damascus Police Command said that the shell damaged the supermarkets and a number of cars at the site.


The source added that another mortar shell fired by terrorists landed on a building in al-Najmeh Square in Damascus, causing structural damage.


Health Minister, Saad al-Nayef, visited the injured citizens and stressed that the terrorists have targeted secure areas congested with people near Dar al-Salam, the Latin Church, al-Isaaf Mosque, and the Health Ministry.


In a separate incident, three citizens were martyred and many others, including women and children, were injured after terrorists fired a shell on al-Adawyeh neighborhood in Homs.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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