Sadad’s Icons Sold in Shabbiha Market

Religious icons and personal goods have appeared in markets in Tartus

Opposition sources have told that goods stolen from the Syrian Christian town of Sadad, in Homs countryside have appeared at the stolen goods markets in neighborhoods of Tartus, on the Syrian coast.


An activist revealed that among the goods are images and icons of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, along with other wooden pieces stolen from churches.


Thieves apparently did not know what to do with these things, so they are piling up, and no one wants to buy them, even at the cheapest prices, sources said.


Looters markets have emerged recently in Syrian territories and governorates which are still under regime control, managed under the supervision of pro-Assad miliatimen known as  "Shabbiha", who provide protection for them.


Many Syrians, whose homes and neighborhoods have suffered from government and Shabbiha incursions saw the furniture of their homes and shops sold in the markets, with some of them forced to buy back their own furniture again.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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