Al-Qaeda in Syria Releases Weekly Newspaper

The first edition focuses mainly on the groups' military achievements

Al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria have released the first edition of its weekly newspaper.


Sana al-Sham is an 8-paged newspaper focused on the main achievements of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria group's battles.


In this edition, the pro-Al-Qaeda editor glorified the victory against the Northern Storm brigade in Azaz by ISIS two weeks ago.


For the first time, readers can know more about the ISIS military Emir, Omar al-Chechani, a foreign fighter from Chechnya, as well they can getting more "credible" news and statements by the main branch of Al-Qaeda in Syria.


In relevant development, due to the mounting gains of Bashar Assad's forces in Aleppo, ISIS posted a statement online calling on "all brigades and Muslims to arms to face off against the enemy which is attacking Islamic territory."


"Those with a valid excuse not to fight must supply weapons and money," the ISIS statement said, while acknowledging many losses in fighting for Base 80, Khanasser and Sfeira.




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