Tohmeh Calls on Syrian People to Help New Government

Tohmeh admits there are many obstacles to overcome

Ahmed Salih Tohmeh, the new interim Prime Minister elected by the Syrian opposition held a press conference in Istanbul and calling on the Syrian people to help the government in its mission to bring back civilization and development to the country.


Tohmeh said future generations will remember them with their efforts, not with their names. He claimed the interim government was founded to save Syria from the grip of becoming a failed state.


"Reinforce the right side, by this means, be with us so that the innocents will regain their rights," Tohmeh said.


Announcing tnat they would not be painting "a rosy picture", he said there were "great obstacles" the government needed to overcome. He emphasized the work being undertaken in three areas; humanitarian works, security and infrastructure. He added that the government's priority is to supply food and security in a safe way for civilians.


"One of the most important goals is to ensure a state which is democratic, free and fair to all citizens and the government will make a plan to provide security with the Ministry of Defense and Interior in a coordinated manner," he said.


Tohmeh said the Ministry of Justice will work to ensure the separation of the judicial and executive bodies so the former will do its work in a fair way which guarantees justice during this transitional period. He added that the Ministry of Education will establish an educational program for Syrians.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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