Lavrov Calls for Syrian Government, Opposition to Cooperate Against Terrorism

Lavrov says he believes the Syrian opposition is beginning to take a more "realistic" position

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday he believes the Syrian National Coalition is beginning to “show more realistic positions”.


At a joint news conference with his Belarusian counterpart, Lavrov said that Moscow seeks to hold Geneva II and emphasized the need for the participation of all spectrums of the Syrian society.


Lavrov reiterated that Moscow seeks the formation of a united delegation of Syrian opposition at the conference, and that Geneva II should be conducted on the basis of Geneva I, without preconditions, in order to stop the violence and start the political process to establish a transitional body.


Lavrov said at the same time that the formation of a united opposition delegation is not a condition to participate in Geneva II, adding that Moscow is urging the different spectrums of the opposition to participate in the conference, and therefore it holds meetings with representatives of various opposition forces.


The Russian minister emphasized that Moscow has expressed its willingness to host a meeting of different spectrums of the Syrian opposition, and welcomes the acceptance of the Syrian National Coalition, which was invited to participate in this meeting. Lavrov said that the Russian side has recently held talks with representatives of the Syrian opposition, including representatives of the Coalition, pointing out that the Coalition began to appear more realistic in his position.


He added that Moscow calls on Damascus and the opposition to cooperate to fight terrorists in Syria, adding that "it is better, without waiting for Geneva II, to start the fight, in cooperation with the moderate opposition against the terrorists who are trying to change the power, not only in Syria but in the whole region.”


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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