Over 220 Journalists Killed in Syria

The Syrian Journalists Association documented the deaths of 9 media workers in November alone

The Committee of Press Freedoms with the Syrian Journalists Association have documented the deaths of nine activists and journalists killed by regime forces in November 2013.


The nine included five cadres who were in the Damascus office during an attack targeting them in Eastern Ghouta.


The committee report showed that the number of media casualties has reached 220 since March 2011.


"There has been a continued targeting of journalists in the city of Aleppo through killings and abductions, sparking panic among journalists, leading many to go into hiding and more than 150 to flee the country," the report said.


The committee cited restrictions to journalists' work, preventing the circulation of newspapers and bombing media headquarters by warplanes among rights violations against journalists.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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