Syria Rejects GCC “Lies”

Syria says those who convened in Kuwait were responsible for shedding the blood of the Syrian people

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Wednesday issued a statement, totally rejecting the final statement of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit, describing it as "a package of lies and deceptions issued by those whose hands are stained with Syrian blood".


The statement said that those who issued the final statement employ their terrorist, radical and Wahhabi pawns to shed Syrians' blood, pointing directly at the Saudi regime, which it said "contributes directly to the bloodshed and destruction of the Syrian state".


"Their tears over the suffering of the Syrian people are crocodile tears that will not hide the fact that they conspired against the Syrians," the statement said.


"People with glass houses shouldn't throw stones," it said.


The Ministry said that Syria affirms that the only solution to the crisis is a political solution crafted by the Syrian people alone. It said Syria strongly condemns the instigating tone of the GCC statement, "particularly since GCC member countries are active accomplices in supporting, arming, funding and recruiting terrorists for Wahhabi and takifiri terrorism".


"These countries showing no moral, religious or humane restraint and are ignoring international law," it added.


The statement concluded by saying that Syria would remind those who convened in Kuwait recently that "neither they nor anyone else has any say about the decisions and aspirations of the Syrian people who alone have the right to decide upon their leaders and their future."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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