Takfiri Mentality Knows No Borders: Assad

Assad received an Australian solidarity delegation

President Bashar Assad on Monday received an Australian solidarity delegation consisting of academic figures and activists headed by Professor Tim Anderson.


During the meeting, Assad said that what is happening in Syria and the region affects the entire world, because the takfiri extremist mentality “knows no borders and has no home”, asserting that it's an international blight that could strike anywhere and at any time.


On relations with the West, Assad said that the problem lies in double standards employed by some western politicians regarding regional issues and their pursuit of narrow interests without a correct understanding of the reality and nature of the crisis and the region.


He underlined the importance of visits like that of the delegation, to deepen communications and build cultural bridges in order to relay the reality to others and confront media falsification and misdirection.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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