Labwani Accuses Coalition of Mimicking the Baath

Kamal Labwani says the elections were not held for the benefit of the Syrian people

Syrian dissident Kamal Labwani said that presidential elections for the Syrian National Coalition were not held for the benefit of the Syrian people, but for political money only.


Labwani said that “many votes were sold and many voted without considering their people's benefit”.


“The Coalition is fake, its representation of the revolution is fake, and there is a high level of opportunism. Unfortunately, these elections were held for those who pay more,” Labwani said.


Labwani, who resigned because Riyad Hjab lost the election, according to activists, said that the Coalition will go to Geneva and keep saying ‘no’ to everything, just like the Baath party says it has won the battle."


“The Coalition is a copy from Baath. It raises mottos but applies the opposite,” he said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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