Shaaban: No Efforts Spared to Halt the Bloodshed

Shaaban says Hamas has abandoned the resistance to side with the Muslim Brotherhood


Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban stressed that the Syrian government will not spare any means to halt the bloodshed in Syria.


She saif the government has always been the first to accept attendance at Geneva II negotiations,  in accordance with the Geneva I communiqué, whereas the other party was exercising a role in blocking the political process.


"The Geneva conference is not an end by itself but rather a method for realizing the objective through halting bloodshed and putting an end to the problems in Syria, " the senior Syrian senior official said an interview with al-Mayadeen TV Monday.


Shaaban added that going to the third round of negotiations will be the decision of the Syrian government which seriously seeks a political solution despite all that is being promoted.


"We expect that the report, to be submitted by the U.N. envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi to the Security Council and the United Nations on negotiations, reflects the reality of what has actually taken place.  We do not ask him anything but to honestly say what has really happened in Geneva and to name those who contributed to hindering the political process and slowing down talks," she said.


She clarified that the top priority of the Syrian Arab Republic's delegation is identical to the Syrian citizens' priority, which is security, stability, halting terrorism and then moving to discussions on the broad-based government.


Shaaban stressed that the media fanfare surrounding what is being described as the "Damascus battle" is part of attempts to target Syria, particularly the reconciliations taking place in several provinces, and the change of the Syrian popular mood in terms of rejecting terrorism, weapons, sedition and bloodshed and the desire for healing with the aim of returning life to normal.


"Israel is the biggest beneficiary of all what is taking place in Syria, having announced time and again that it has officers leading military operations in the country," Shaaban said.


"The Syrian Arab Army is awake, taking heed of this fanfare, as it makes preparations against any possible scenario," Shaaban said.


On Hamas, she said Hamas has put the Muslim Brotherhood above the resistance and has abandoned the resistance which weakened the Palestinian cause.


“Our stance towards Muslim Brotherhood movement is well known since the 1980’s," Shaaban said.




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