Syrian TV Celebrates Sayyeda Zainab Anniversary Under Hezbollah, Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas Flags

The report said all sects came to celebrate the occasion

For the first time since the establishment of Syrian television, the al-Ikhbariya channel has broadcast a report about the anniversary of Sayyeda Zainab, under the slogan "Syria for All".


The channel began its report saying that "in Damascus, people from all sects, men and women, came to celebrate the anniversary of the lady of the country, the holy Zainab".


The 13-minute report added that "believers from all sects and cultures have gathered today in remembrance of the unique and shining attitudes Sayyeda Zainab adopted here in Damascus to declare the right path and the way to reform."


The report carried clips showing "the flags that express the cultures of Syrian people"; the flags of the Iraqi Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas militias, Hezbollah militias and the regime.


As for the sects gathered to celebrate the anniversary, they were a group of Assad and Khamenei sheikhs, such as the director of Ahl al-Bait cultural center, Ayatollah Abdulsaheb al-Musawi – who is believed to be responsible for bringing the Iranian and Iraqi Shiite militias to the fighting beside Assad's army and paid monthly salaries by Iran -the Syrian Mufti, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, the Iranian ambassador in Syria, Mohammad Rauf ash-Shibani, Mohammad Nawaf al-Addai, Abdullah Nazzam and some Iraqi, Lebanese and Iranian Shiite sheikhs.




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