Clothing Prices Increase by 300 Percent

High prices have put new clothing out of reach for most Syrians

Shopping is no longer among the priorities for Syrian families in Damascus due to the rapid and drastic increase in the prices of clothing as a result of factory closures and inflation.


Damascus shops remain empty and people pass by only to look at the products, especially after the prices increased by up to 300 percent over the past two years.


Most people are reluctant to purchase anything, while merchants and sellers find all the excuses to justify the surge in prices.


There are no regime price capping regulations on clothing or other goods in the market, while the unsellable products end up in stores and warehouses to be sold next year.


The price of clothing increased dramatically in the last year, with the price of a man's sweater worth 1,500 Syrian Pounds reaching 4,000 Syrian Pounds. A pair of trousers worth 900 SP now reaches 3,000 SP, according to one Damascus resident calling himsefl Abu Ammar.


Since the price of two items is nearly half his salary of no more than 20,000 SP, Abu Ammar decided, like many Syrians to ignore his and his wife’s needs to buy only what is important for his two children, he said. 


Women's clothing has also increased in price. Women's winter pyjamas sell for between 5,000 and 7,000 SP.


The price of an imported pair of jeans is 10,000 SP, while domestically made jeans are around 6,000 SP. In both cases, the costs are prohibitive, given monthly salaries for women do not generally exceed 12,000 SP.


As for women sweaters, the prices also vary, whether imported or domestic. Imported sweaters sell for around 6,000 SP, while those locally-made range for between 3,000 and 4,000 SP.


The price of clothes has reached illogical levels, and the excuses made about the exchange rate is no longer convincing to Syrian citizens, since the dollar rises and falls, while the prices of various goods keeps rising.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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