Mikdad: Syria’s War Against Terrorism is War with Israel for Palestine

Minister says there is overt proof of the relationship between Israel and terrorism groups

The Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faissal Mikdad said Syria is now more certain than ever that its current war against terrorism is as much a war for the Golan and Palestine as it is a war with Israel.


The relationship between Israel and the terrorist groups fighting in Syria needs no more evidence, Mikdad told the Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper.


He said there has been overt proof of the relationship, particularly in terms of the logistics and supplies openly offered to the terrorists across the border and the fact that terrorists have been “embraced in the arms of the occupation” and their injured treated in its hospitals.


“We were quite sure that the appearance of the Israeli hand behind what is taking place in Syria and terrorism as a major element in implementing the plan of war against our country was inevitable sooner or later,” Mikdad said.


He added that Syria, after three years of war, "is forcing its real enemies to enter the stage, thanks to the resolve of its people, its army’s valor and its leader’s wisdom.“


Mikdad noted that with the American side forced to surface and take the cover, Israel found no other way but to repeatedly come to light as a full accomplice in the war, through the raids and acts of aggression launched on various sites in Syria.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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