Kilo Says Jarba will not Extend Term

Kilo says rumors of Jarba's extension are untrue

Veteran dissident and head of the democratic bloc in the opposition Syrian National Coalition, Michel Kilo, has denied claims that Ahmad Jarab will extend his presidential term to one year.


Kilo quoted the Coalition leader as saying that he "will never change the Coalition’s rules of procedure.”


The claims of an extension are no more than rumors, he reportedly told Kilo.


Kilo, who met Coalition leader last week in Istanbul during the political commission meeting, commented on the recent debate within and outside the Coalition over Jarba’s political performance, especially his failures and setbacks.


Syrian social media activists have launched a campaign  calling for ousting Jarba and many opposition figures who they say have profited  from the Syrian conflict and from the Syrian people's suffering.   


Syria's three-year conflict began with popular protests against four decades of Assad family rule but changed into armed insurgency under a security force crackdown.


Now the major Arab state is in a full-scale civil war that has killed more than 146,000 people and forced over 6 million – more than a quarter of the population – to flee their homes.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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