Foreign Ministry: Germany, Others Trying to Disrupt Presidential Election in Syria

Ministry says Germany has joined countries supporting terrorism

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Monday that Germany has joined the choir of countries that are trying to disrupt the presidential election in Syria by supporting, funding and arming terrorist groups in order to destroy the country and its people and to undermine its national decision.


"Members of this choir should know that Syria is an independent and a sovereign state as its decision stems from the will of its people and in accordance with the provisions of its Constitution and laws" the ministry said in a statement.


"It is not strange that the rage and conspiracy of these countries are increased due to the victories achieved by the Syrian people and the achievements of the army," the ministry said.


"This choir, including Germany, must know that legitimacy does not come from them; legitimacy is decided by Syrian people and their allegations about the democratic election are sheer lies," the ministry said.


"It is enough to point out that the U.N. Secretary-General's report on implementing the strategy of the U.N. to counter terrorism earlier this month, the report highlighted that foreign fighters in Syria came from 70 countries and a large number of them came from the EU," it said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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