Nusra Front Rejects the Charter Of Revolutionary Honor Issued By the Islamic Factions

The Nusra Front and Islamic Front leadership engaged in a Twitter debate

The Nusra Front has declared its rejection of the Charter of Revolutionary Honor, signed this week by the major Islamic factions of opposition forces fighting the Syrian regime.


The rejection was declared by Sami al-Aridi, who is the second leader of the Front after Abu Maria Al-Qahtani.


In a Twitter debate between al-Aridi and Hassan Abboud, head of the political commission of the Islamic Front, Aridi said that "life in mountains and caves under the rule of Shariah is better than life in palaces under other rules, and the Taliban is a good example".


This came in response to Abboud's comment that "We will go on our path and will not pay attention to who wants us, ending up in mountains, forests and wilderness to get through the Jihad of elites".


Aridi expressed his rejection to what was stated in the charter, saying that "each command or charter against the laws of God and not clearly based on the rule of Shariah is unacceptable. Seeking refuge in the mountains when there is fear about religion is a unique feature that characterizes the prophets and the righteous".


Aridi also explained that he "would not say but the right about what is stated in the charter" and that he is not afraid of "intellectual terrorism terms" expressed by what he described as "the people of concessions and hyperbole".


Aridi said that "those who want to continue the project of a nation or the Jihad of a nation cannot give up the constants and principles of the nation."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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