Moaz Khatib Calls for Establishing Common Ground with Regime

Khatib was speaking during a seminar on the situation in Syria held by the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs

Opposition dissident Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib has called for establishing "common ground between the regime and the opposition for Syria and its future".


Khatib was speaking during a seminar on the situation in Syria held by the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs.


Khatib said that "despite the brutality of the regime of Bashar Assad and his tyranny, we have no choice but to find the points of agreement, away from Western strategies, as the Russian and American sides have a vision to divide Syria, and I think that neither the regime nor the opposition are willing to see their country divided".


According to Shorouk Egyptian newspaper, Khatib thinks that "half of those who call themselves the "Friends of Syria", a group of 11 countries in support of the revolution, including the United States, France and Turkey, "are liars, imposters and hypocrites".


"They participated in turning the situation into its current condition, and now we have to refer to the Arabic incubator, because it is the foundation. There are some parties who do not want the Syrian crisis which has been going on for more than three years to be resolved," he said , according to the report.


For his part, the Syrian human rights activist, Haytham Manna, expressed his wish "for more effective Egyptian role in the Syrian crisis, because all the attempts to unite the opposition have taken place in Cairo, while attempts to divide the opposition took place in other countries."


Manna recalled "the affinity between the Syrian National Council and the National Coordination Commission which occurred in Egypt under the auspices of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, referring to the agreement signed by Manna with Burhan Ghalioun, head of the National Council at the time, in December 2011, under the auspices of Cairo to unify the visions of the opposition considering the crisis".


Manna said that "the Egyptian Foreign Ministry is honest in all the Arab world issues… and a number of Syrian opposition forces are thinking of holding a conference in Cairo to discuss a real national project that gathers all the opposition forces to discuss the future of Syria. Our duty now is to activate the regional role."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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