Syrians Enthusiastic as Elections Draw Near

Rallies and events held in almost every province


As the presidential voting day draws near, the Syrian people are becoming more enthusiastic, viewing it as among the greatest achievements of democracy in Syria, especially now that they are taking place alongside a series of army's victories in the battlefield against terrorist groups.


Heartened by the positive atmosphere created by the political and military victories, Syrian citizens continue to stage various activities and events, expressing happiness over the course their country is taking.


Students, professors and workers of Damascus University gathered in front of Baath Arab Socialist Party HQ on Wednesday. A mass popular festival was also held at Hijaz Square downtown Damascus.


Huge crowds of pepople in Quneitra and the occupied Syrian Golan gathered in front of a housing compound for the displaced in Mezzeh neighborhood in Damascus.


People of Harna and al-Tal areas in Damascus Countryside also held a popular festival to show their support for the election.


A march was held in the  Qudsayya Suburb in Damascus Countryside.


Participants voiced appreciation for the sacrifices made by the Syrian army against the terrorists, stressing their support for the upcoming presidential election.


They stressed their support for candidate Bashar Assad, adding that the election will signal Syria's victory over all enemies and conspirators.


National activities and popular marches were held in Saddad, Fleiha, al-Rayyan and the neighboring villages in Homs Countryside and the Faculties of Agriculture and Law at al-Baath University.


Workers in Daraa province organized a rally in which they expressed support for Assad in the upcoming presidential election.They said that holding the elections on time proves that the Syrians have overcome the plot against the country.


Hama province witnessed a rally in Salhab and a festival in Hama city.


Workers of Sweida province meanwhile organized a homeland tent in Tishreen Square in Sweida city.


Participants called upon all workers to participate in the presidential elections, voicing their support for Assad's candidacy and adherence to national unity.


Stands were carried out by the Teachers Syndicate at institutions affiliated to the Education Ministry in many areas with the aim of identifying the goals and importance of the upcoming election.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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