Shabbiha, Handicapped, Beggar: All to Defend the Nation

God wanted to make teach the supporters of the criminal regime in Tartous a lesson

The simple and honorable Alawite families in Tartous continue sending their children to their deaths and to sink in Syrian blood, in response to the criminal appetite of Bashar Assad and his family, having yet woken from their long sleep.


Tartous villages are now the largest source of Shabbiha herds, even surpassing Latakia, which was the source of Shabbiha when it was a place to earn easy money through smuggling, and strong-arming people and there were no bullets to kill them or find their way as corpses in their parents' homes.


This was the fate of Shabbiha member Ghassan Ali Hafez, from al-Jibbeh village in the province of Tartous.


Hafez sent his sons, Ali and Amer, to support the regime in its suppressing the Syrian revolution. Amer returned in a box sent from Deir el-Zor, while Ali came back paralyzed; he does not see, hear or speak after he was silenced in Aleppo by a bullet avenging the honor of the Syrian people and the innocent people he executed.


God wanted to make teach the supporters of the criminal regime in Tartous and its villages a lesson. For over a year and a half, this Shabbiha has lived paralyzed after his Medulla Oblongata was removed and the 'Lord of the nation' left him to his dark fate.


Hafez has turned from a defender of Assad, insulting anyone who mentions the word 'freedom', to a beggar, for the cost of the treatment of his son. In spite of what happened to his two sons, he still insists on raising the picture of Assad over the head of his paralyzed son, in a scene that would perplex any psychologist.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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