Regime Forces Press to Open Aleppo’s Karaj al-Hajez Crossing

Crossing was closed according to orders from the Shariah court because it was a base for snipers who targeted pedestrians

An informed source from the Syrian government in Aleppo told Zaman al-Wasl that regime has decided to open the Karaj al-Hajez crossing, closed for many weeks, before the beginning of the presidential election.


The source reported that regime has threatened to bomb the neighborhood with explosive barrels to force rebels to open the crossing.


The official's account was confirmed by eye witnesses, who reported that Shabbiha paramilitaries drove around Bustan al-Qasr threatening to "wipe out the area" with barrel bombs if the crossing was not opened. It was previously closed according to orders from the Shariah court because it was a base for snipers who targeted pedestrians.


Local residents talked about a promise the Governor of Aleppo gave to stop sniping residents.


Dozens of people from Bustan al-Qasr protested and demanded the crossing be opened because it is the only route connecting the eastern part of Aleppo, which is liberated and under the rebels' control, with the regime-ruled western part of Aleppo.


Protestors reported difficulties in securing minimal living requirements in the areas under rebel control as trade and manufacturing have stopped, alongsode a heavy bombing campaign using barrel bombs, with increased worries about the possibility of siege of the area of the Aleppo-Hendarat road, connecting the city of Aleppo with the countryside and Turkey, which was controlled by the regime.


One of the protestors described his dilemma saying: “I neither can cover the cost of travelling to Turkey, nor the cost of living there, I want the crossing to be opened to let us to leave to another safer place.”


Sources reported that council of Bustan al-Qasr promised to deliver people’s requests to open the crossing to the battalions, especially at the time of the secondary schools and university examinations.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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