Statement of the Republic Party to the Syrian People

The statement expressed appreciation to all those who rejected the election publicly as well as secretly

The Republic Party, a new party formed under the leadership of Hazem Nahar, has issued a statement condemning the Syrian regime's insistence on holding the presidential election which they say lacks the legitimacy required by international legal standards.


The statement said that this election would not have been held if the regime didn’t understand the nature of the international community and the equations of power and interests controlling international power relationships that do not care about people's aspirations and hopes.


"The Syrian regime forces the government employees, as well as municipalities, schools and public institutions are to participate in 'the electoral play'. Its embassies abroad work to exchange the needs of Syrians for new travel documents with their vote for the head of the regime," the statement added.


The statement expressed appreciation to all those who rejected these "elections" publicly and openly, "as well as to those who rejected them secretly".


"The Republic Party believes the regime's insistence on holding these elections on a part of the Syrian land is a threat to national unity and the unity of the Syrian state. Syrians will not benefit from a regime notorious to the whole world. They will not benefit from a regime that drags the country to where we have reached, nor they will benefit from a regime that lacks legitimate locally and internationally. Those who think that this regime may keep power are making a mistake; it could kill but it cannot rule, and sooner or later people's will will win and the lessons of history prove that."





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