Government Raises Bread Price by 10 Syrian Pounds

The Prime Ministry had repeatedly said that bread is still a red line for the government

The government of Bashar Assad has raised the price of the bread packet from between 9 and 15 Syrian Pounds to 15 and 25 SP.


All4Syria was the first to report leaked news about the decision to increase the prices of some commodities, the first of which is bread.


The Prime Ministry denied the report more than once, saying that bread is still a red line for the government. The most recent statement related to the subject came from the General Director of Syrian Mills, Abu Zaid Katiba, when he said that "raising the price of bread is out of question, especially in these difficult circumstances, as it is the basic material for all citizens."


The price rise will not include only bread, but other essential goods such as electricity and water, as well as sugar and rice, which are distributed under the ration card.


Well-informed sources did not rule out the issuance of a decision related to an increase in the price of diesel fuel, without specifying the amount, but hinted that it would be comparable to the recent increases of about 20 SP per liter. If this is true, it means an extreme rise in the prices of all goods and services without exception.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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