PM Calls for Greater Oversight of Public Funds

Halqi says current conditions have spawned new forms of corruption

Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said the government will revitalize the role of supervision institutions to keep a closer watch over corruption issues and to preserve public funds.


The Premier’s comments came during his meeting Thursday with Najm-Eddin Nemer, who was sworn in as the Supervision and Inspection Central Committee Assistant Chairman.


Current conditions have spawned new forms of corruption, which require doubled efforts to clamp down on the corrupt within a set timeframe, Halqi said during the meeting.


With the reconstruction stage now set in motion, Halqi cited the need for an “administrative and ethical ground” set on solid foundations for achieving a comprehensive and sustainable development that can be achieved by uprooting administrative and financial corruption in the public and private sectors.


While emphasizing the importance of “preemptive supervision” to preclude forms of corruption materializing, Halqi stressed the significance of teamwork within the Supervision and Inspection Central Committee for preventing embezzlement, calling for picking competent cadres capable of carrying out inspection in an optimal way.


Halqi also demanded that all files be settled and appropriate decisions be made without favoritism or personal considerations in an atmosphere of social justice and transparency and to boost citizens’ trust in the public sector.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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