Video of Syrian Refugee Child Instigated by Hezbollah Policies: Coalition

A video which has gone viral shows a Shiite child goaded by his parents to beat a Syrian refugee child with a stick in Lebanon

Vice president of the Syrian National Coalition,Noura al-Ameer, said a video which has gone viral showing a Shiite child goaded by his parents to beat a Syrian refugee child with a stick in Lebanon, reflects “the blind hatred planted by [Hassan] Nasrallah and the Assad regime among their loyalists.”


Ameer said that this “despicable act aims to fuel the conflict on a sectarian basis, as Nasrallah is exploiting children to promote his sectarian culture and achieve political goals".


This is not "random behavior done by reckless young men", she said, "but part of the systematic crimes that threats Lebanon’s national unity and co-existance in the region as a whole".


The Syrian National Coalition, she said calls on all spectra of the Syrian and Lebanese societies to avoid reacting to this mean act, "as this will lead to uncalculated repercussions that will undermine the unity of Lebanon and fuel sectarian sentiment".


"Hezbollah’s provocation of such antagonism in Lebanon and the region proves that it is an Iranian tool used solely for destabilizing the region through sowing rift and hatred,” she said.


Ameer called on UNICEF to act immediately to prevent the use of child abuse as a tool for political propaganda, and called on the Lebanese government to open an immediate investigation with the family of Abbas and Khaled, who appear in the video, to identify the criminals behind the video, its motives and reasons.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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