Opposition to Form Monitoring Bloc Within Coalition: Source

The National Rally is a new bloc to be formed of loyal Syrian nationalists with no bias toward any external power

New political changes within the Syrian National Coalition are soon to be announced to try to tackle and reduce the political polarization within the Coalition, according to different external powers.


The National Rally is a new bloc to be formed within the Coalition consisting of loyal Syrian nationalists with no bias toward any external power and whose concerns are the benefits to Syria. They aim to position the Coalition on the correct track, sources said.


An outline for the bloc’s position had already been drawn days ago in a meeting in Istanbul, in which the bloc’s members were banned from nomination for any political position within the Coalition in the future.


The Rally is planning to invite many revered, nationalist and unbiased figures from the Coalition to participate in the bloc, which would disclose the real position of many Coalition members.


Sources said the main incentive to form the National Rally was the re-election of Ahmed Toumeh as an Interim Prime Minister, which resulted in deep disputes and mass withdrawal from the Coalition.


“The process and events that accompanied Toumeh’s election put the revolution in embarrassing position, and forced everyone loyal to the country to rethink and re-evaluate the miserable situation of the Coalition," one source said.


Zaman al-Wasl has obtained a copy of the "rules of procedures" of the National Rally, in which the name was officially determined as “the National Bloc within the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces."


According to the rules, the bloc aims to insist on the Syrian revolution’s initial goals which are overthrowing Bashar al-Assad and to build a liberated and civil democratic country to fight all corruption and defects that have affected the revolution.


Moreover, the bloc aims to direct the revolution’s institutions and clean them from corruption and irresponsible decisions.


In regard to membership of the bloc, all the National Coalition’s members are members of the bloc, but membership can be stripped off when a member leaves the National Coalition, misses three consecutive meetings without reasons, or voluntary withdrawal.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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