Autism Association, UNICEF Launch Children's Medical Program

The project provides free services to children via medical centers in Latakia city and the Basit area

The Autism Association in Lattakia, in association with UNICEF, has launched a project for providing medical services to children across the province, providing free examinations and medicine for children in addition to other services like radiology and lab tests.

The project, employing local staff, operates via medical centers in three areas; two in Lattakia city and one in the Basit area.


Autism Association founder Shahideh Salloum said that the services provided to children are free, while adults may receive free examinations only, as the medical supplies have been allocated for children.


The association’s executive director Gibran Khonda said that although it was launched only recently, the project has already provided services to many people, with each of the three centers providing services to over 60 patients a day on average.


Each of the centers includes examination tables and the necessary equipment for conducting routine medical exams, with a team of three doctors and three assistants operating in shifts.


The initiative also aims to provide young doctors with work and experience and all the project’s medical staff consists of young people form the area.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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