Dissidents Sign a Petition Exonerating the Regime

Avaaz has circulated a petition regarding conditions in Yarmouk camp

Opposition activists have circulated a petition through the Avaaz website talking about the suffering of the people of the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp.


Strangely, however, the petition appears to mimic the regime's position regarding the responsibility for the conditions of the country, stating that:


"Because of the increase in assassinations of civilians within al-Yarmouk refugee camp, the continuation of the siege for two years, the poor living and security conditions in the camp where thousands of lives are at risk due to the armed chaos inside the camp; we hope to open an internationally guaranteed safe path for the civilians to leave the camp".


When asked about the petition, residents said they did not read more than the title and rushed to sign it, they even invited their friends to sign it, which led hundreds of activists signing it during one day.


It is noteworthy that the Avaaz website enjoys credibility in the United Nations and the international organizations, and if this petition is exploited internationally by regime supporters, it will exonerate the regime from what is happening in Yarmouk refugee camp, and the opposition battalions will be considered fully responsible of the situation there.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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