FSA Regains Vantage Point Amidst Jobar

Free Army retakes Badr mosque and surroundings after regime attempts to storm the city of Jobar

Free Army factions have regained control of Badr mosque and a number of buildings in Jobar neighborhood, east of the capital Damascus on Wednesday morning. Regime forces had previously succeeded in storming the Jobar neighborhood, facilitating the control of Badr mosque and its surrounding buildings for hours. The area is considered the most important flashpoint in the battle of Jobar.


Member for the media office of Jobar neighborhood, Abu Yaman, said in an exclusive phone interview with All4Syria that the FSA regained Badr Mosque and advanced toward al-Mutahalliq al-Janoubi area, following hours of fierce clashes.


At exactly 2 p.m., the FSA regained a number of buildings it lost earlier, with Badr Mosque and the surrounding buildings becoming a front line between the two fighting parties. Military operations continued until rebels regained the occupied areas, while 15 regime fighters were killed in the clashes.


Pro-regime Facebook pages said that fierce battles continue in Jobar neighborhood, after the regime transported huge reinforcements in an attempt to storm it.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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