Mass Grave Discovered in Well in Idleb Countryside

Civil defense team unearths bodies of seven FSA fighters from a mass grave in the countryside of Idleb

Residents in the village of Maar Hatat, southern countryside of Idleb, discovered a mass grave containing the remains of seven martyrs from the Free Syrian Army in a well on the outskirts of the village on Wednesday.

Al-Marra al-Yawm’s Facebook page confirmed that the people of the village found the remains of the martyrs in a well, where they were likely captured and executed by regime forces while they were trying to storm al-Ghirbal checkpoint on October 15 last year.

Activists reported that residents contacted the civil defense team in Maarrat an-Numan to remove the martyr’s bodies. Five of the bodies were identified as: Rami Sakkar Shabtan, Mahmoud Ziad aj-Jarban, and Mari, Ali, and Ibrahim from Maar Zeta.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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