‘Army of Conquest’ Unites to Liberate Idleb City

Revolutionary factions form joint operations room in preparation for the liberation of Idleb city

Several rebel military factions in the countryside of Idleb have announced plans for a joint-military operations room, named the ‘Army of Conquest Operations Room’, in preparation for the liberation of Idleb city from pro-regime forces and militias.

The battle for Idleb will include a majority of the revolutionary formations in cities and towns in the countryside of Idleb, including: Ahrar ash-Sham Islamic Movement, the brigades of Suqur ash-Sham, ash-Sham Corps, Ajnad ash-Sham, and the Army of Sunnah, in addition to the Nusra Front.

Field sources confirmed that preparations for the battle of Idleb city are at the highest levels, stressing that the region will witness a violent battle with regime forces within the next few days.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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