Fatah Army Vows More Gains After Liberating Idleb

Islamist military alliance vows to continue fight after liberating Idleb city from pro-regime forces

The Fatah Army, an alliance of Islamist military factions that seized the city of Idleb on Saturday, has released a statement pledging to continue fighting until the liberation of more Syrian territories.

According to the statement, the Fatah Army is not a joint task room uniting rebel groups under one military command, but a legitimate army with qualified commanders and fighters.

“The Islamist alliance calls its operation the Army of Fatah, as a reference to the conquests that spread Islam across the Middle East from the seventh century”, the statement said.

The alliance includes Al-Qaeda's Syria affiliate the Nusra Front, the hardline Ahrar al-Sham movement and Jund al-Aqsa.

They Fatah Army launched the offensive to capture Idleb city on Tuesday.


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