Sulaimaniyah’s Christian District Shelled in Aleppo

Emergency services name 11 victims in the shelling of the Aleppo neighborhood, with over nine casualties yet to be identified

Several shells and heavy missiles fell on the regime-held Sulaimaniya neighborhood of Aleppo between Friday evening and the early hours of Saturday, leaving a wake of destruction in the neighborhood’s predominantly Christian eastern district.

The Assyrian Observatory stated the attack resulted in the deaths of 20 victims and hundreds injured
, most of them women and children. Emergency crews are still attempting to identify all the bodies.

The identified victims thus far are:

Tony Qasawat, his wife and two daughters (4 persons)

Maha Jamil Diyarbakirli

Donna Jean Yaqoub

Minerva Michel Ghazal al-Bar

Anwar George Samaan

Michelle George Samaan

Johnny Bshaish

Juliana Bshaish

Meanwhile, barrel bombs targeted citizens in a popular market in the opposition-held al-Maadi district in Aleppo, resulting in the death of over 20 civilians, including women and children. Among them was 53-year-old Michel Abaji, supervisor of Mar Elias Monastery for the elderly of the Syrian Catholics in Aleppo.

Most of Aleppo neighborhoods remain calm today, while Assyrian Observer sources were informed of a shell targeting the neighborhood of al-Aziziyah neighborhood yesterday, resulting in the injury of three civilians.

The Observatory calls on conflicting parties in the city to transfer their armed confrontations outside residential areas, while ensuring the protection of innocent civilians as provided in the four Geneva Conventions. "We call on both parties to cease all forms of violence, abuses and violations against civilians", the Observatory said.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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