Information Minister: Terrorists Too Cowardly for Real Confrontation With Syrian Army

Minister Zoubi says Syria’s political and economic system, strong army and independent decision-making aggravate its enemies

The Syrian army and its leadership are determined not to concede any inch of land in the war against terrorists, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said.

At an open political meeting at Tishreen University’s al-Bassel Stadium, the minister said a political solution should pass through a process with Syrian powers and parties, separate from those who bear arms against the government. Zoubi also affirmed his position that only states should have the right to bear arms to enforce law and preserve internal security.

He added that Syria’s political and economic system, strong army and independent decision-making aggravate its enemies, indicating that attacks against its infrastructure and economic and military institutions also serve Israel.

The minister stressed the importance of continuing dialogue while respecting the views of others, considering “the political discourse of some opposition figures reflects no one’s vision of Syria’s future”.

Zoubi said that armed terrorist organizations are “too cowardly to face the Syrian state and army in real confrontation. That’s why they fall back on malice and fabrications as part of psychological warfare,” he added.

Commenting on the second round of the Moscow consultative meetings, the minister said it was a “positive step” in which a 10-point paper was agreed upon, indicating that fighting terrorism was a sticking point as participants dodged a forthright discussion of it.

The minster highly valued the sacrifices of martyrs in preserving the dignity of the homeland, affirming the Syrian government, despite the colossal conspiratorial and economic challenges it faces, continues to perform its duties towards the families of martyred, injured and abducted civilians as a national, legal, religious and moral duty.

Remarking on a UN-imposed an arms embargo on Yemen’s Houthis, the minister said that it was meant to “save the face of the Saudi regime, which is too cowardly to invade Yemen”.

The minister warned of provocative allegations which aim to harm the Syrian peoples’ morale, noting that news about the situation in the city of Aleppo is baseless while Syria’s national media continues to report on events objectively.

The Information Minister denied media allegations on Tuesday claiming of an evacuation of Aleppo’s state institutions.

The minister, who also touched on the situation in Yarmouk refugee camp, said that there was no decision by the Syrian government to enter the camp in order to quell attempts to exploit the Palestinian issue by countries who conspire against Syria.

The minister clarified the government will continue to provide all necessary assistance for Syrians and Palestinians who have left the camp and those who intend to leave it.

Minister Zoubi also remarked on the role of journalists, citing the importance of shedding light on corruption and monitoring the performance of public institutions.

Meeting with journalists from the coastal cities of Lattakia and Tartous, the minister said media centers play an essential role due to the nature of work and the events which Syria has faced.

He also stressed the importance of other media outlets, including local newspapers, TV and radio in addition to SANA to present full coverage of events, and activities.


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