Chied of Staff Inspects Military Units in Idleb, Hama Countryside

Major general visits units stationed in the country's north, commending soldiers' high morale and warrior spirit

Syrian Arab Army Chief of Staff Ali Abdullah Ayoub inspected soldiers and their conditions in Idleb and Hama’s north-western countryside.

Ayoub stressed the importance of the army’s role in confronting terrorists and the plots, which aim to undermine Syria’s security and the country’s unity.

The major general commended the soldiers’ high morale and warrior spirit against the psychological and propaganda war conspiring against the Syrian people and army.

Field officers briefed the military commander on the nature of the army’s combatant tasks in the region, detailing the measures taken to preserve and fortify military posts against terrorist attacks.

At the end of the tour, Ayoub conveyed the military leadership’s gratitude for the sacrifices of the armed forces in their defense of the Syrian homeland.

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