Coalition Criticizes Elaraby’s Vision for a Syrian Solution

Arab League chief's calls for the forming of a national unity government contradict principles of the Geneva communique, says Coalition spokesperson

Syrian National Coalition spokesperson Salem al-Meslet denounced remarks by Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil Elaraby who expressed his vision for a political solution in Syria. “Elaraby’s calls for the forming of a national unity government are unacceptable as they contradict the letter and spirit of the Geneva statement adopted by the UN Security Council as the starting point for a political solution in Syria. The Geneva statement explicitly calls for the forming of a transitional governing body with full executive powers, including the powers of the president,” Meslet said.

“Any approach that seeks to turn the clock back or to circumvent the already stated principles of political solution exclusively serves the interests of the forces of tyranny and terrorism,” Meslet stressed.

The Coalition member also said that the primary goal of the Syrian revolution is to bring about radical and comprehensive changes to the current authoritarian political system, including its head, senior leaders, symbols and security apparatuses, with the establishment of a free democratic civil ruling system based on the peaceful transfer of power and political pluralism.


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