Syrian Shorts Snatch Top Awards at Iraqi Film Festival

Best Director and Special Jury prize awarded to Syrian filmmakers Kaothar Ma’arawi, Rami Kossa and Nadine Tahseen Bek at al-Muthanna Days Festival for Short Films

Two Syrian short films, “Noise of the Memory” and “Calendar”, have won the Best Director Award and the Special Jury Award at al-Muthanna Days Festival for Short Films in Iraq.

“Noise of the Memory” director Kaothar Ma’arawi, said in a statement that the festival is a window for exchanging the cinematic views, dreams and concerns among the Arab youths.

“Noise of the Memory” narrates the story of a girl named Suad who retrieves her bitter childhood at her home. The film portrayed the permanent violence and discord between her parents, in addition to her father’s denial of her as a young girl and the change of his stance when she grows up.

“Calendar”, written by Rami Kossa and directed by Nadine Tahseen Bek, highlights the view that the war against Syria targets innocent civilians wherever they are, telling the stories of those who died in the form of news flashes.

The festival was organized in al-Samawah City in al-Muthanna province, Iraq, with 48 Arab films participating. Iraqi film “Cotton”, directed by Loae Fadel, won the festival’s grand prize.


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