Russia Launches First Airstrikes in Syria

Russian fighter jets strike ISIS positions in Syria following official request from President Assad

Russia’s Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday afternoon, September 30, the beginning of Russian airstrikes against positions of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.

Quoting the ministry, Russia’s RT news channel reported that several special strikes had been directed at sites for ISIS terrorist organization in several areas in Syria.

A military source told SANA that Russian aircrafts, in cooperation with the Syrian Air Force, launched on Wednesday a number of airstrikes against ISIS positions in Rastan, Talbeisa, Zaafran, Tolol Humr, Aydon, Deir Fol and the area surrounding Salmia in the central region of Syria, achieving direct hits and inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorist organization.

Earlier on Wednesday, Damascus said Russia responded to Syria’s request for military support in a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, adding the move comes within the framework of president Putin’s initiative for combating terrorism.


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