Parents of Russian Soldier Dispute Death Was Suicide

Family of first Russian serviceman to die in Syrian conflict tell reporters they do not believe the 19-year-old killed himself over a girl

Russian "Novaya Gazeta" newspaper reported that the parents of the first Russian serviceman to be killed in Syria are calling for re-autopsy, a day after the Russian army confirmed he hanged himself.

The body of 19-year-old Vadim Kostenko, Russia’s first military casualty in Syria since it began operations four weeks ago, was handed over to his parents who told Reuters they do not believe the soldier killed himself.

Alexander and Svetlana Kostenko said their son seemed happy during a telephone conversation on Saturday, the same day he died while serving in an air base on the Syrian coast. For its part, the Russian Defense Ministry said that he killed himself because of personal problems with a girl.

Novaya Gazeta added today that the Vadim’s body was in a bad state, quoting his uncle as saying Vadim's nose, jaw and neck were broken, adding the back of his head was smashed and a cut extended down to his navel.

However, the office of Russia’s man military prosecuter said Wednesday it was investigating the death of Kostenko, adding that preliminary results confirmed he had hanged himself.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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