UK: Assad’s Capture of Sheikh Miskeen ‘Deeply Concerning’

Russia's support for regime onslaught of moderate opposition and civilians risks damaging the already fragile process of intra-Syrian negotiations

Britain’s special representative for Syria, Gareth Bayley, made the following statement on the fall of the southern Syrian city of Sheikh Miskeen to Assad's forces.

“The fall of al-Sheikh Miskeen to regime forces today reveals the hypocrisy of Russian targeting in Syria. Despite having themselves defined the Southern Front and Free Syrian Army as opposition groups – not extremists – Russia and the [Assad] regime bombarded the town, causing massive destruction. This blatant targeting of opposition groups is deeply concerning, particularly as it comes just days before UN-led negotiations for a political settlement leading to transition in Syria.

“Regime and Russian onslaught on the moderate opposition and civilians must stop. By continuing to support the regime in its bombardment of the moderate opposition, Russia risks damaging the already fragile process of intra-Syrian negotiations. I urge Russia to act on its stated commitment to achieving a political solution in Syria and to stop targeting the moderate opposition and killing civilians.”

– UK Special Representative for Syria, Gareth Bayley.


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