No Response to Hijab’s Call for Emergency Conference in Paris

World leaders deny opposition figure opportunity to meet in French capital to discuss the collapse of the internationally-backed cessation of hostilities

The general coordinator for the High Negotiations Committee, Riyad Hijab, has not received a response to his call for the countries of the Friends of Syria group to hold a conference in Paris to discuss the collapse of the truce in Syria and the suspension of Geneva negotiations, the impact of the regime’s intransigence and its refusal to implement the international resolutions related to the humanitarian issue.

An informed source in the Syrian opposition told Madar al-Youm that Hijab had communicated with many foreign ministers of the Friends of Syria nations and invited them to hold a conference in Paris, however the response was zero.

The international silence coincides with the total collapse of the truce in Aleppo and the return of Russian warplanes to Syria’s skies after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his forces were withdrawing. Meanwhile, several massacres were carried out in the Sukari, Kalaaseh, and Bustan al-Qasr districts, with dozens killed and wounded, including women, children, doctors, medical workers, and members of the civil defense forces.

The Russian aggression in Aleppo has not yet been met by any real international or regional response, despite activists broadcasting vivid photographs and videos from among the rubble, showing pictures of the civilian victims and confirming that the bombardment did not target any military point.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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