Assad Regime Moves to Implement Daraya Model in Waer, Residents Refuse

Local figures convene talks with regime to discuss implementing a truce agreement between the government and opposition in the besieged town

The negotiations committee of the Waer district of Homs rejected a regime proposal to implement the example of removing fighters from Hemeh, Moadhamiyet, Qudisaya and Daraya without releasing any prisoners.

The council insisted on adhering to the Wael deal and expressed its desire to continue it while stressing there would be no concessions on the item of releasing prisoners because it is one of the most important items of the agreement. The regime has continued to stall on the item of releasing prisoners and disclosing the fate of missing people.

On Saturday the council convened a new round of discussions with the regime’s negotiating council to discuss how to complete the truce agreement between the two sides, which stipulates the end of the military escalation against the district and permitting the entry of aid and the entry and exit of civilians to and from Waer, in addition to removing the opposition fighters in exchange for the regime releasing detainees in its prisons and disclosing the fate of missing people.

The Assad regime is trying to complete its operation of forced displacement in the besieged districts of Homs, Damascus, and its countryside, through simultaneous military pressure and siege. It has succeeded in clearing the cities of Daraya, and then Hemeh and Qudisaya through what it calls “reconciliation” agreements overseen by the Heimemeem airbase.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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