Regime Using Napalm, Barrel Bombs in Campaign to Seize Daraa: Local Council

Syrian and Russian airstrikes have destroyed most infrastructure and residential buildings in areas outside their control, according to opposition source

The Syrian National Coalition on Wednesday held a teleconference with the Daraa local council to discuss developments in the brutal onslaught being waged by the Assad regime and Iranian-backed militias on the city and surrounding towns and villages.

Ali Salkhadi, head of the local council, said that the onslaught on the province began over two months ago, pointing out that that Assad regime and its allies are using lethal and internationally banned weapons in their campaign to take the province.

Salkhadi noted that the Assad regime and Russian airstrikes have destroyed most of the infrastructure and residential buildings in the opposition-held areas.

Regime forces and their allies are using napalm, heavy rockets and barrel bombs in the bombing of the city, Salkhadi added, stressing that the Free Syrian Army fighters remain steadfast despite the lack of sufficient support.

Coalition President Riad Seif stressed the importance of documenting the crimes being committed by the Assad regime and its allied foreign militias as well as documenting the types of weapons they are using to bomb civilians — an important step to holding the regime to account.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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