Syrian Army Deploys Personnel at Nasib Border Crossing

A cache of weapons and ammunition in addition to a field hospital was also discovered writes SANA

Personnel from the Syrian Arab Army have been deployed at the Nasib Border Crossing with Jordan to consolidate the security situation after it was cleared of terrorist groups.

A reporter from SANA said that military units, over the past 24 hours, took full control of a number of border police stations in Daraa's southeastern countryside reaching to Nasib where the army personnel have been deployed after it was cleared of the remnants of terrorist organizations which controlled the crossing border for nearly three years.

The reporter said that military units, while combing the area found ammunition and heavy weapons used by the terrorists and remnants of BMB and BRDM vehicles, in addition to depots of various ammunition, including tanks and mortar shells, different launchers, medium and small ammunition in addition to a field hospital with foreign-made medicine inside it.

A workshop for manufacturing improvised explosive devices and a prison used by terrorists to detain abductees were also discovered during the combing process.

A field source clarified the strategic, economic and military importance of restoring the crossing after the restoration of border police stations from Suweida's southwestern countryside to Nasib and deploying guarding points along the border and the closure of all illegal smuggling and supply routes used by terrorist groups.

The reporter said that military units started securing Daraa’s international highway towards the Nasib Border Crossing by combing both sides of the highway and removing the barriers set up by terrorist groups.

On Friday, a military source announced that the Syrian flag was hoisted over the Nasib Border Crossing with Jordan, some 15 km south of Daraa city.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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