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White Helmets: Escalation Threatens Four Million Civilians & No Solution Except Resolution 2254

The recent escalation of violence by the regime forces, Russia, and their allies has instilled fear among civilians, Baladi News reports.
White Helmets: Escalation Threatens Four Million Civilians & No Solution Except Resolution 2254

According to a report from the White Helmets on Sunday, the ongoing escalation in northwestern Syria poses a severe threat to the lives of over 4 million civilians. The protection of these individuals relies heavily on the implementation of UN Resolution 2254. Unfortunately, there seems to be a waning commitment to this resolution due to the international community’s disregard for the crimes committed by Russia and the Assad regime against innocent civilians.

The report highlighted that Russian warplanes resumed their airstrikes on the Idleb countryside on June 25th. Simultaneously, regime forces carried out artillery shelling targeting the eastern countryside of Idleb. This continuous escalation and series of attacks have persisted for over a week, further endangering the lives of civilians, particularly as the Eid al-Adha holiday approaches, intensifying their suffering.

Russia Commits Massacre in Jisr al-Shughour, West of Idleb

Tragically, nine individuals, including workers and farmers, fell victim to a massacre caused by Russian airstrikes on June 25. The majority of casualties were located in a vegetable and fruit market on the outskirts of Jisr al-Shughur in the western countryside of Idleb. This devastating airstrike, which resulted in the aforementioned tragedy, followed similar airstrikes targeting buildings and farms on the western outskirts of Idleb City. No reports of injured civilians were received by our teams at the scene.

Subsequent to the Russian airstrikes, the regime and Russian forces conducted artillery shelling, targeting the outskirts of several locations, including the villages of Kansafra, Sarja, Muntaf, and Sarmin, as well as a mosque in the towns of Efes and Neirab. These attacks in the southern and eastern countryside of Idleb led to a minor injury sustained by an elderly man. Additionally, a Russian airstrike targeted the outskirts of Ariha city and the village of Benin, located south of Idleb.

It emphasized that attacks by the regime and its Russian ally have become more frequent in northwestern Syria during June, with a significant concentration in villages of the eastern, western, and southern countryside of Idleb. Since the beginning of the escalation until Saturday, June 24, the Foundation has documented over 70 attacks, resulting in the death of more than 60 individuals, including women and children. Furthermore, more than 27 individuals, including women and children, have been injured.  

The White Helmets have reported a staggering number of over 200 attacks in northwestern Syria from the beginning of this year until June 24. These attacks were carried out by regime forces, Russia, areas under the joint control of regime forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces, as well as drone attacks and explosions. Among these attacks, there were 241 artillery and missile attacks and 6 Russian airstrikes. Tragically, these acts of aggression resulted in the loss of 24 lives, including 5 children, and left more than 90 individuals injured, including 32 children and 20 women.

The recent escalation of violence by the regime forces, Russia, and their allies has instilled fear among civilians. They are deeply concerned about the relentless bombardment that continually claims the lives of innocent people. This pattern of violence is perpetuated by the regime forces and Russia, with a disregard for any UN or international efforts to halt the killing and displacement and transition towards a comprehensive political solution in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2254.

To initiate a meaningful resolution, it is crucial to address the core issues. This includes an immediate cessation of attacks by the regime and Russia on civilians, facilitating the safe return of forcibly displaced individuals to their homes, and holding the perpetrators of violations and crimes against humanity accountable. It is imperative for the international community to take a stand and advocate for the implementation of these measures.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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